Sister Ashlyn Brooke Unbedacht

Sister Ashlyn Brooke Unbedacht

Thursday, March 26, 2015

February 24, 2015

Hello Family and Friends! 

I hope all is well.  Things here at the MTC are still wonderful and crazy! I will try my best to give a description of how it's been here! This week was a big one! We finished meeting with our first investigator. Sister Bredthauer and I had a great lesson! We feel better with the language this week. The key word is BETTER. haha. Portuguese isn't easy, but I LOVE speaking it! It is the language we will definitely be speaking up in Heaven, so it's good I'm learning it now. I'm finally adjusting to the MTC. I absolutely adore the Sisters in my district. They are the best girls ever! My district is just awesome! We all get along so well and all want the best for each other. They call my companion and I Sister Ale Moa's.. which means Sister German because we both have German Names. 
Ashlyn with Sisters in her district

This week was all over the place, so I'm sure it will reflect in my email. Let's start out with the things we did in class. We received 2 new investigators, Paulo and Leila. Paulo is actually a less active member. They are both very awesome though! We got lucky! When we teach we definitely have broken Portuguese, but the Lord provides a way for us to be able to communicate with our investigators. 

We had the pleasure of having Sister Reeves the 2nd counselor of the relief society speak to us. She spoke about loving our converts and being able to continue having them come unto Christ. We also heard from Sister Lindahl (I don't really know who she is), but she spoke on listening to the Spirit instead of the adversary. She talked about how loved we are and challenged us to leave all regrets, doubts and fears and use the atonement of Christ to never look back and continue coming unto Christ. It was so good and motivational! 

In class on Monday we went "Street Contacting" with a class that has been here for 4 weeks. It was a little terrifying... my Portuguese compared to theirs isn't very good, but it's coming along. I heard this quote this week that has really helped me with the language and everything else, "As long as I'm trying my best, the Lord will provide the rest". It's so true! The lord loves us so much and wants to help us but we first have to try and put in effort. Something that really hit me yesterday is that I get to wear Jesus Cristo name over my heart EVERYDAY. I get to represent him and be a tool in his hands. It's amazing! I am so honored to have this privilege and I'm trying to do my best at it! The spirit here is still so strong and even though at moments it's tough to be away from home (VALE A PENA), that has become our motto here. Vale a Pena means, 'IT IS WORTH IT' in Portuguese. It is so worth it being here. I have never learned so much about my savior and I'm so excited to teach real investigators and do the Lords work in Brasil or where ever I am reassigned to! The Lord loves all of his Children and I get to feel that love! It's so cool! 

Now let's talk about some of the funny moments here. Sister Bredhauer was sick on Wednesday (which is not funny), but she was so homesick and throwing up, so we got to be excused from class and go back to the residence hall where she slept for a while. Later on in the day she just needed a pick me up. We were trying to make her laugh, but it wasn't working. When we went to dinner the Ashlyn side came out of me. She was sitting right by me and as I was grabbing my water it slipped out of my hand and went all over her! That I guess did it! She was laughing for like ten minutes! I guess my clumsiness is good here! Let's see.. We found a spot on the 5th floor in my building that shows BYU campus. I never thought I would be so happy to see the campus! I was almost in tears looking at it... WEIRD! haha. But it is the most beautiful view! One night it snowed and all of the people who haven't seen the snow before were freaking out! It was so cute! I sleep great here and I wake up thinking about Portuguese. Time here is crazy. A day feels like a week but a week feels like a day. I really enjoy it! Sister Runnells left this week to Argentina. I loved being able to see her all the time here! How wonderful is it that I have girl friends that are all around the world and I get to join them!!
Sister Runnells and I

Being a missionary is seriously a blessing. My life is so different here (I laugh at every Best two Years jokes), but it is seriously worth it. If you're thinking about serving a mission.. DO IT. You won't regret it even though it is hard. 

I hope this week is a wonderful week! Remember that God loves you and wants you to be happy! Come to know Jesus Christ a little better this week and strive to do a little better! I love you all and I'm still so overwhelmed by the support I've had! Ps. Family besides mom and Jaz. WRITE ME! I want to here everything! 



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