Sister Ashlyn Brooke Unbedacht

Sister Ashlyn Brooke Unbedacht

Friday, March 27, 2015

March 3, 2015 - What do you think Christ was feeling?

Hello Family and Friends,

 I'm halfway done with being in the MTC! Thank goodness! I am a little tired of sitting in the same classroom each day, but I'm going to miss it though. We are so spoiled here, so very lucky!
This week was a great one, so much happened. Last Tuesday after emailing, we went and did a session at the temple and it was just the best! It felt so nice to be back at the temple.

On wednesday some of us were having a harder time with the language and our purpose being here on a mission, but then our teacher Irmao Henry taught us something amazing. He asked us the question, what do you think Christ was feeling as he was performing the Atonement? We all sat there not knowing.. we thought sad, hurt, in pain. Then he pulled out Matthew 26:57-67.  He talked about how even though Christ just finished suffering for all mankind and our sins in Gethsemane and being separated from God and having a spiritual death and after being betrayed and mocked by the people who were going to crucify him, he still had love for them and was atoning for their sins at that moment. I've never felt the spirit so strong as I did at that moment. Some of Christ's last words were asking God to forgive the people that crucified him. Christ had so much love even for those people. He related this to us missionaries on how we will be hurt and others will probably mock us at times, but we can follow the Savior and still love them. What a powerful message!

Friday was a big day for us. It was our first TRC.  TRC is where we teach volunteers who are usually members about a spiritual topic and try to see what they need help with. Sister Bredthauer and I taught 2 people about how to be better at having Christ-like attributes. We taught a boy who was really getting baptized the NEXT day! How cool is that! He is from Sao Paulo and was so nice! He said he needed to work on humility, so that's what we focused on and his faith in Christ. After that we taught a woman from Fortaleza who wanted to work on having more patience, so we turned in the scriptures and had a lesson with her on patience. The best part... THIS WAS ALL IN PORTUGUESE! So crazy! The Lord seriously has blessed me with learning this language. I'm not that good at it, but for being here for 3 weeks I'm just amazed at all I've learned.

Random update. Yesterday at gym we all weighed ourselves. Keep in mind that we receive treats like everyday here! You would think that we would have all gained like 10 pounds by now. I'm happy to say that I weigh the exact same! YAY! I don't know how!

Fast Sunday was awesome here! We had sacrament and then went to a 2 hour mission conference where we were taught so much! Then to leadership meeting, district meeting, our temple walk,  2 hours of free time,  dinner and then to Sunday night devotional. At the devotional we learned about becoming a Doer and also having Exact obedience. This is the goal of our branch is to have that EXACT obedience. We have already been blessed by having this exact obedience. It's cool when you stop focusing on all you can't do, but focus on what you can do here on a mission! That's when the blessings come!

The Portuguese is going well! I love singing Hymns in Portuguese and also just listening to it! It is beautiful!

My companion and my district are just awesome! We have all become like a family! My branch is amazing as well! I have met some of the best people that I hope I can reconnect with when I get home. Some of the people I've come to know the best, left this week. They were reassigned to Oregon, New York and Vegas. Those are awesome places! I will find out where I'll be reassigned to in like 2 weeks.  I can't wait to find out! Visa's are finally moving along, but we are almost positive they won't have ours by the time we leave, but that's okay, we get two missions instead! Not everyone get's to do that.
Let's see.. an update on our investigators. One has agreed to be baptized! After like 3 lessons I guess the spirit touched her enough. Our other investigator has been a little more difficult, but it's still going well.  I love teaching! It is such an awesome experience! I can't wait till they are real investigators. 
That's all the updates I have for this week. Things are still good here. Each day I find myself more and more amazed at the things I am experiencing and how I am growing. I know for a fact that our Savior loves us so much and that we are children of God. I know that if we are worthy and desire to have the Holy Ghost with us then we can, which is such an amazing blessing. Being a missionary has blessed my life so much. It's hard here, but I am experiencing things I can only experience on a mission. I'm being humbled everyday and learning new things. It's great! 
Keep Smiling and don't forget that Jesus Loves YOU!
I love you all!

Sister Unbedacht 

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