Sister Ashlyn Brooke Unbedacht

Sister Ashlyn Brooke Unbedacht

Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4th, 2015 - I Made It Through My First Transfer!

Hello everyone!! As the title says, my first transfer in the mission field is done! The past 6 weeks felt like 6 days. My mission is already going by so fast. I can't believe it! Good news, Sister Lampinen and I are staying together in the same area. I am so happy about it!  Many people were transferred, actually all of the new greenies that came in with me were all transferred besides me, so I am very happy to be staying! 
Yay!!  I get to serve another transfer with Sister Lampinen

I finally got an update on my visa. The computer has a place you can check it and it's the 4 dots system. If you have 4 dots then it is ready. This whole time I have had 1 dot and on Saturday I had 4 dots! My visa is ready to be picked up! I have no idea when I'll actually leave for Brasil though, it could be really soon or at the end of this transfer, so we will see. It is a bitter sweet feeling knowing that I'm leaving soon. I have come to love the people here in Rancho, but I'm excited to serve in the place I was originally called to. Also, I'm pretty excited to be speaking Portuguese. I've missed speaking it to other people.

As you could guess this week was another good week!  This week in Rancho was a HOT one!  I think one of the days it was around 103 degrees. I was sweating so much! We are trying to spend the least amount of time we can in the car, so we were walking everywhere. This week we met a lot of people and had some interesting conversations. One man was talking to us all about aliens and how they are here on the earth and how corrupt the government is... it was just a little strange, but we shared the "Because He Lives" video with him. He said he would like to read the Book of Mormon, so that was good!  All of the other investigators we previously had aren't progressing and were super slow with contacting us so that has been a little hard.  

We're  still meeting with Sonny.  We met with him 3 times this week, so that was great! He is meeting many of the members and says that we all have this "glow". I'm telling you, the glow is real! When we met with him on Wednesday we had a really cool experience! We taught him all about the Plan of Salvation (The thing about him is that he wants to know everything and he talks a lot so we are slowly progressing with him in the sense of teaching the lessons). After teaching him about it I felt like he needed to pray right then and there if what we taught him was true. I asked him to and he agreed. We knelt down and he said a beautiful prayer! When he ended we all just sat there in silence for a minute. He started to stand up and then I asked him how he felt. He said he felt good and that he was feeling something he can't explain. The spirit was SO strong in the room and I told him that he was feeling the spirit. That's what we have been praying for him to feel and we got to be there with him when he received a witness that what we were teaching him was true. Truly a miracle! He is progressing and we are helping him prepare for Baptism. Besides him we just taught less actives and then members as well. This ward has a lot of less actives so we are really trying to help them.
I Love My District!  Training meetings are always hilarious with these guys.

Speaking of miracles, we see so many here. It is amazing the things that have happened just from sincere prayer. On Tuesday we weren't having any success on finding anyone. We were walking around all day and nobody was even outside to talk to. I'm being serious, not ONE person was outside. I asked Sister Lampinen if we could stop and pray that we will be directed to people. We prayed and then picked a random street. Down that ONE street we saw FOUR people. FOUR! It was awesome! We were able to talk to them and share a message with them. Prayers really work!  
Something that I have come to love doing is service. We look for service opportunities all the time. People in Rancho though don't let us help very often, but this week we got to do 2 things! We helped a lady move and then we also helped a member set up for a party. It was wonderful to get to help them out!

I feel like each week my testimony of The Book of Mormon grows. I love the Book of Mormon! Reading the Book of Mormon has strengthened my testimony more than I ever thought it would. I have been able to have my prayers answered through the Book of Mormon and I have gained a stronger love for my Savior. Read the Book daily! I know it blesses us in so many ways! 
Have a wonderful week!
Sister Unbedacht

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