Sister Ashlyn Brooke Unbedacht

Sister Ashlyn Brooke Unbedacht

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8th, 2015 - A Week of Miracles!!

I still can't believe that in a week I will be preparing to leave California and be heading to Brazil! I'm so excited that the time is finally here! The ward members are now hearing about me leaving and so we have dinners every night this week. It's a week of saying goodbye to the people I have come to love so much. 
The greatest district around!

This week was a week of miracles! I will start with telling about Sam and Rebecca. These two people have a huge spot in my heart. They are so wonderful and have made my stay here in Rancho amazing. I am so grateful for them and care about them so much. They had a death of a loved one a couple of weeks ago and this week was the funeral so we wanted to do our best to help them remember God's love for them. On Tuesday I had a prompting during District Meeting that we needed to visit them that day. Then the thought came to me to get flowers from the store and give them in honor of their loved one to plant and remember her. After district meeting we went to the store and picked up flowers and went to deliver them. They weren't home at that time, so we decided that we would go back later that night. Around 8 we went back and we surprised them and then read some scriptures from the Book of Mormon to give them comfort. They were so touched and loved the scriptures so much that they were going to use them at the Funeral Service! As we were talking, Rebecca started having some reactions that she has often because of Chemotherapy. She said that it felt like she had a knife stabbing her over and over. I had another prompting to ask if she would like to receive a Priesthood blessing.  I asked, and I guess missionaries in the past have asked and they said no, but she said that she would love one. So we quickly arranged things so it could happen. As we were waiting for the Elders to arrive, they asked if Sam could receive one as well as we explained what a priesthood blessing was. When the Elders arrived they gave them both blessings and it was the most amazing thing! I knew with all my heart that it was what the Lord wanted them to hear at that time! After Rebecca received her blessing she started crying. We just sat there and I grabbed her hand and she just said she felt so much better. As she tried to stand up out of the chair she fainted and luckily I was there in front of her to catch her before she fell to the ground! We laid her down nicely and she was out for like a minute. Longest minute of my life!
Sister Lampinen and I heart attacked Sam and Rebecca's door.
The first thing that came to my head is how just like in the scriptures, she was so overcome by the spirit that she fainted. It was the strangest thing! She finally woke up and she said that she has never felt so good.  Crazy!  It was now late, so we had to get going, but they thanked us and asked us to come back the next day.  We went back the following day and they said that they have felt better than they have in a long time and that they were going to go to church on Sunday.  WOO!  They made it to church and again, loved it!! So many miracles are happening when it comes to them. It is the most amazing thing to watch! 

Next miracle- Last week we tracted into a girl and she said to come back this week. So we went back.. nobody answered the door. So we walked away and right before we got to the car down the street I stepped in a huge piece of gum.  I struggled for like 3 minutes trying to get it all off my shoe. All the sudden this girl comes running down the street and guess what.. it was her!!! We invited her to church and she said that she would talk to her family about it. Sister Lampinen and I laughed about how the gum created this miracle for us. I guess my shoes can take one for the Lord's work! 

Another miracle- We did more service this week!!  We had the chance to weed, never did I think I would love weeding... and we also got to clean the Church.
The next miracle- we have a new investigator!  Her name is Wendy and she just moved from China a year ago to California. She doesn't have any religion but feels that there is a God. We taught her this week and gave her a Book of Mormon in Chinese.  We will be meeting again with her this week. 

Next miracle- Besides Sam and Rebecca coming to church we also have had some less actives that are coming regularly to church as well. It's so cool to see these people returning back to the Gospel and seeing how their lives have changed. 
Lunch at Cheesecake factory with the Sisters!

Last miracle- We met with Sonny this week!  We haven't met with him in like 3 weeks for certain reasons but we just felt like we needed to meet with him one more time before we left the area. We had a really good discussion with him and he wants to meet again this week so we can help him with and also teach him how to apply the Book of Mormon to his life. 

So many miracles! The Lord has blessed us so much!  I am so overwhelmed when I think about how the little town of Rancho Cucamonga has blessed my life. I love this place and the people here! I will miss it here, but I won't ever forget all that I've learned. I know that the Lord has a plan for each of us. And even though sometimes it is not what we expect to happen or really want, he knows what is best for us. We just need to trust him! 

I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week!
Sister Unbedacht 

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