Sister Ashlyn Brooke Unbedacht

Sister Ashlyn Brooke Unbedacht

Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31st, 2015 - Transfers This Week

I hope all is well!  It was good to hear an update on Grandma and Grandpa.  They're in my prayers. You all are in my prayers.  I'm so grateful for such a wonderful family and friends that support me and love me.  I LOVE YOU ALL! 

This week is transfer week.  We found out today that Sister Angulo will be leaving Iguatu!  I have loved every moment with her.  She's been such a great companion and I've learned so much from her!  My new companion will be a Brasilian, and so hopefully my accent will get better as I work along her side.  I'm excited to see what is to come this week!

I will explain quickely what happened with my hair last week.  I went and got my haircut and then went to email the family and realized that the woman cut my hair totally wrong.  It was awful! There were pieces that weren't cut.  It was bad!  After emailing we went to another lady who said  she could fix it, but it would be a little shorter.  She cut it, and she fixed it, but she only cut off length she didn't thin it, so my hair was like a lion!  I finally understand the word desperate. You all know that I take pride in my hair and that I like it to look good. I asked Sister Duca, another Sister here, if she would fix it (She doesnt cut hair).  She said yes and started thinning my hair. As she was thinning it I felt like I was in Les Mis when the lady is cutting her hair and she's crying. I wasn't crying, but I was close!  That is the story with my hair.  When the members saw my hair they couldnt believe that I got it cut so short.

This past week was truly amazing!  I learned so much!  On Wednesday we traveled to Juazeiro for the Devotional with Elder Andersen.  The first night the missionaries sat in a different room because they wanted the members to fill up the chapel with him, but we had the chance to listen to all that he said.  He spoke in Portugues, which was really cool, but funny at the same time because he spoke really slow and didn't know all the words.  I received a testimony of the Prophet and Apostles.  They are the mouthpieces of God here on earth.  They speak the words that God wants them to speak.  

The second day was the best day!  In the morning there was a meeting with Elder Andersen, President Fusco, President Costa (Of the 70) and all of the leaders (Zone Leaders, district leaders and sister Training Leaders). Sister Angulo is a Sister Training Leader for the 4 Sisters serving in Iguatu, so I had the chance to go to this meeting as well.  There were like 30 people there with Elder Andersen!  He talked about MANY things, but something I loved that he talked about for a long time was being an example.  To be like Christ we need to be an example to all.  Lead by example.  DO the things that we believe.  After the meeting with the leaders there was another meeting with the missionaries of this mission that are inland (All but Fortaleza area).  I was able to see Sister Neilson and Sister Andrews!  It was so wonderful!  One question that Elder Andersen asked that I want to invite you all to think about, "Is Christ just a part of your life, or is he your whole life?"  I learned many things, but I can't write about them all in such short time.

Reunited with Sister Andrews
I'll be honest, I'm exhausted!  My body and my mind are always working, but I'm here because I love the Lord and I know he will help me do this work.  I remember missionaries saying that they were always tired, and I finally understand.  This work is hard, but this work is worth it! 

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!
Com Amor,
Sister Unbedacht 

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