Sister Ashlyn Brooke Unbedacht

Sister Ashlyn Brooke Unbedacht

Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 20th, 2015 - I Love Iguatu and the People Here!

Weeks fly by here in Iguatu!  I cant believe that this week will be my third week here with Sister Angulo!  A lot of interesting things happened this week and I learned many important things.  This whole week we have been walking a lot each day to a different area for our new investigators. We are teaching many people, but the people that we have been focusing on are Ricardo, a 25 year old, Lorena, the friend of Ricardo, and the family of Lorena.  Lorena is amazing!  She has shared all the lessons with her friends and neighbors.  We teach her and her family each day They all are progressing differently, but it is so cool to see how the Spirit is answering their prayers.  I have loved getting to know these families! 

I want to focus this email on yesterday, Sunday. Sunday was a day I will NEVER forget! On Sundays we leave our house at 8 am to start picking up investigators and remind everyone about church. Our church starts at 9:30, and it is at a school. At 8:50 the Elders called us and said that there were tons of people at the school and that we couldnt have church there. After Sister Angulo and I panicked for a moment we decided to stop and say a prayer. We all decided that we couldn't change the time of church to prepare, but that we would have church in the Elders house (which is very small!) We called who we could and then started the real test on getting people to fit in the elders home to hear the messages. We started asking people for chairs. Across the street is a bar and we asked for chairs for church and they gladly said yes! We found tons of chairs!  

When doctrines class started at 9:30 we didnt have many people, but slowly people were arriving. As more and more people started coming we were running out of space to hold our meetings in this tiny house. At this time we found out that President Fuscos counselor would be visiting this day at church. When he arrived he asked a restaurant nearby if we could hold church there instead, and they said yes. We moved over to the restaurant for the Sacrament. During Sacrament meeting a Priest (who was not very nice) came in and started passing out flyers to the people. The Counselor got him to leave quickly. At this point I was thinking how everything that could possibly go wrong, did. As sacrament meeting went on I started thinking about how all of these things happened, but that it all worked out so we could partake of the sacrament. 

This sacrament meeting ended up being one of the most spiritual meetings I have attended. The spirit was so strong and we had the most attendance we have ever had in this group!  Now the things that I learned from this. Satan will do everything to stop us from partaking of the sacrament. We cannot let him win! We must partake of the sacrament EVERY WEEK! Next thing, it's so important for us to partake of the sacrament every week so we can have the spirit with us. I never realized how important the sacrament was until yesterday. I'm so grateful for that experience! It really was such a great day! 
Sister Angelo hit her 1 year mark

Next thing that I will talk about that Im sure all of you wanted to know about Brasil. The food is amazing!  People love feeding us, and they feed us well! Two things that I absolutely love here. Cuz Cuz (I dont know how to spell it) and Tapioca (Which is not similar to the tapioca in the US).  I think the members have a fun time feeding me all sorts of things, so I can experience Brasil...haha. 

Things here are wonderful!  We didn't have any baptisms in Iguatu this week but we are working our hardest so we can have many next week! It is still HOT here, but Im loving every moment! What a privileged to be here with the people in Iguatu! They are so humble and kind! I look up to them all! 

Have a wonderful week!
Sister Unbedacht

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