Sister Ashlyn Brooke Unbedacht

Sister Ashlyn Brooke Unbedacht

Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30th, 2015 - I'll Be Staying In Iguatu.

Hello Family,

Happy ALMOST December! I can't believe how fast time is going out here!
This past week we had transfers and Sister Santos was transferred to Fortaleza.

I received a call from the mission home last week and I was asked to travel to Fortaleza with Sister Santos to pick up my new companion. I was also asked to be her trainer. I will continue to serve the people in Iguatu for at least another transfer along with my new companion!  My companion is from Belo Horizonte, Brasil and her name is Sister Nicoli. I'm excited to serve with her.  She is awesome!

Sister Nicoli and I had a great week as I have been showing her around and helping her adjust. I will miss Sister Santos. I absolutely loved serving with her and I know that she will remain one of my dearest friends for years to come. We had so much fun together! It's different to have a new companion, but I'm so excited to serve with Sister Nicoli. She's a hard worker and is very driven. I love it!

This week we are helping many people make the commitment to be baptized. We have been inviting everyone to be baptized and we are really helping many people progress. I'm excited to see what will happen next with my new companion.

I love you ALL!
Sister Unbedacht

ps. We now only have 40 minutes to write emails.. so my emails will be very short. Sorry!

November 23rd, 2015 - Happy Thanksgiving!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!  I love this holiday!  It's one of my favorite holidays because it consists of spending time with the family, talking about things we are grateful for and EATING!  The sad part is that here in Brasil, it isn't a holiday, but I will definitely be celebrating it with my companion!  I'm hoping to make some mashed potatoes, deviled eggs and buy a turkey.  It will be great! 

With Thanksgiving around the corner I would like to focus my thoughts on what I'm grateful for. I am thankful for my family!  I love my family so much.  I'm so blessed to have a family that is so strong in the gospel and that is so great to be around.  I love each one of my siblings and I have the greatest parents!  Thank you for always putting up with me and for being the greatest examples to me.  I love you all!

I'm thankful for my friends!  I think about all the people who have influenced me in my life. From my friends in the ward to my friends at school to my friends in college.   I love them all!
My District

I'm so grateful to be a missionary serving here in Iguatu.  I thought I would be helping lots of people here in Brasil, but I didn't realize that they would be helping me.  I have experienced so many things and I have loved every moment!   I have been blessed with wonderful companions and with an awesome Mission President! 

I'm grateful for Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and this Gospel!  Without this, I wouldn't have the other things.  I'm so grateful for the plan of salvation.  I'm so grateful for the atonement and the blessings that come from it. Heavenly Father is so merciful. He really does love us all and wants us to be happy.   I'm in awe when I think about all the blessings I have received.  I can't think of my life without this gospel. It is WONDERFUL! 

I will give a little update of this week.  We walked A LOT!  We normally walk about 45 minutes to different areas, but this week we walked an hour and a half to one area.  We walked there in the middle of the day, when the sun was the hottest, but we are seeing the blessings of this long walk as we are bringing people to Christ.  The people are saying that I'm finally becoming tan!  haha.
I absolutely love this family

The best part of this week was Sunday.  I think that I always say that Sunday is the best day because it is. I love going to church and being able to partake of the sacrament.  I love being able to watch baptisms and also work.  This past Sunday, Patricia, Janderson, Lucas and Jardel received the Holy Ghost.  It was such a wonderful moment! I'm so happy for them.  Every time we have a confirmation in the church I feel such a love for this work.  It's wonderful to see people changing for the better. 

I love this work!
I love my Savior!
I love you all!


Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16th 2015 - 9 Months down, 9 To Go!

Hello family and friends! 

I hope all is well and that you are happy! Honestly, the weeks have started to blend together, but I will try my best to explain all that has happened this past week.

First of all, I hit my 9 month mark! Sister R. Santos asked me what I wanted to do this day and all I said was that I wanted to work! I love working! Whenever I'm sad or whenever I want to feel better all I have to do is work and everything changes.  I've learned that when we forget ourselves and focus on others, we are happier! 
9 Months Down, 9 To Go!

This week was the baptism of Jardel! Jardel is the cousin of Lucas, who was baptized last Sunday. The baptism was in Juazeiro (about three hours away from Iguatu) because we had conference there. There were also 2 other people who were baptized from Iguatu the same day.

We had 99 people from Iguatu travel for this conference. It was so great to hear the words or President Fusco, Sister Fusco, and other leaders.  I loved conference!  I thought it was very interesting of the things they spoke about. They spoke a lot about tithing, keeping the sabbath day holy, and keeping all the commandments.
Jardel's Baptism

Working in a group/Branch I have learned the importance of tithing.  For an area to grow we need faithful members paying tithing.  I never realized the importance of tithing until I arrived here in Brasil. It's a commandment that is very hard for the people here because they don't have a lot of money in the first place, but I've been able to see the great blessings that come through paying tithing. I love that Heavenly Father doesn't need the money, but we pay to show our obedience and love to him. Isn't it wonderful that we have so many ways to show our love to our Heavenly Father?! Are we showing him that we really love him? 
Pizza from the Elders

Another note for the week, Sister De Sousa was transferred to Juazeiro. I'm with Sister R. Santos still, but we will have official transfers next week, so it will be interesting to see what happens. I want to continue here in Iguatu, but it's up to the Lord. 

I'm so grateful for the Lords commandments. I'm so grateful that we know how we can return to live with him, and that we don't have to stay lost in our lives. I am so grateful for each day I have to learn more about my Savior and come to know him. I love my Savior. I love my Heavenly Father. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to serve him. 

I love you all!

Sister Unbedacht 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November 10th, 2015 - The Lord and His Miracles!!

This week was one of the best weeks of my 9 months of being a missionary. I loved this past week and all the miracles I saw! We worked so hard everyday and we saw the miracles that came because of it. I learned this week that everything is in the Lords timing, but we just have to be patient. You're probably wondering what miracles Sister Unbedacht is talking about. I will explain. The first miracle, Group Iguatu is now officially BRANCH IGUATU!!!!!! President Fusco visited Iguatu yesterday (We didnt know anything about this) and he spoke and announced that Iguatu is finally a Branch! I was sitting at the piano in front when he said this and I couldn't hold back my tears. It was a moment of pure happiness. I'm so happy for the people here in Iguatu. For months they have been wanting to grow and become a Branch, and it's finally happened. The work is moving so quickly here, and it's an honor to be apart of it. 
With President and Sister Fusco

The next miracle. Sister R. Santos and I have had such a hard time with people attending church. People say that they'll go, but they never end up going. This week we had many people at church, and many were our investigators.

The next 3 miracles. This past Sunday was the Baptisms of Patricia, Janderson, and Lucas. We have been teaching Patricia and Janderson for 4 months and they are the most lovely couple. It was such a special moment to see them be baptized yesterday. Lucas is 19 years old and he was prepared when we met him. He had already attended church when we met him and is a friend of a member, they live in our area but they live very very far away! If we walked there it would take us an hour. Last Sunday he said that he wanted to meet with us, so we met halfway between our houses to teach him. He was so excited to be baptized, so yesterday was an amazing day for him. I know that Heavenly Father was so happy with the things that happened yesterday in Iguatu. I know that none of this could have happened without him. He is the master of this work. This work is His not ours.

As I will hit my halfway mark this week, I have thought about my call as a missioanry and all the things I've learned since the beginning of my service. I'm so grateful to my Heavenly Father for the opportunity I have to serve. More than a year ago I decided to serve a mission and this past year has been the hardest, yet the best year of my life. I have felt moments of despair and sadness, but I have also felt the happiest that I have ever felt. My life has changed completely through my mission, I have new eyes to see the world and new hopes and dreams. I feel as if I am becoming who the Lord wants me to be. Missionary work is hard, but so worth it because you get to see the hand of the Lord many times every day! 

I love my Savior. I am so grateful for Him and His love. I can't imagine my life without the knowledge and testimony that I have. I know with all my heart that this is Christs Church. He leads the church. I know that Thomas S. Monson is an instrument in the hands of God to direct the Church at this time. I know with all my heart that at the age of 14 years old Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ. This is the greatest news in the world, that the priesthood is on the earth today and that the church was restored! 

Thank you all for your support and love! I love you all!

Sister Unbedacht 

Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2nd, 2015 - I Love Being A Missionary!


Another week sitting here at the computer lab!  Once again I don't have much time, but I will try to explain this week. This was a great week!  We are in a trio companionship, so teaching is a little different, but we are learning how to adapt to teaching with the 3 of us together. We are helping many people prepare for baptism, but I think the hardest thing for people to do is attend church and do the things that they say. We are helping them understand the importance of church and taking the sacrament. We have some people that are ready for baptism and so we will be working with them a lot this week. 

I can't explain my love for missionary work. I love that I'm a missionary. I love that I can serve the people here. I have come to love these people like they are family. They mean the world to me and I just want to help them. 

This week was Halloween. In Brasil this holiday isn't very big.. nobody celebrates it here. We decided to have a huge activity this day for the members. It turned out awesome! 

Sorry, this is all for this week!
I love you all!

Sister Unbedacht

ps. We had to be creative for our costumes.. I decided to dress up as an Elder.