Sister Ashlyn Brooke Unbedacht

Sister Ashlyn Brooke Unbedacht

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 2nd, 2016 - Transfer Day!


I'm pleased to announce that I survived another transfer day! Transfer days are crazy here because my companion and I are the Sisters that have to help everyone get to their new areas. I'm writing later than usual because we were running from one place to another helping Sisters. 
Sister Bispo (in the pink shirt) is my new companion

This transfer will be a great transfer! Sister Prock and Sister Romualdo have been transferred and I will stay here. My new companion is Sister Bispo! This is a Sister that I really wanted to serve with. Sister Bispo is a person very special! She is 40 years old and has a daughter that's 20. She isn't married, so she had the opportunity to serve a mission. She's the missionary that has baptized the most people in the whole mission and has the greatest spirit. Before I heard about transfers I had a strong feeling that I would serve with her and now she is my companion. I know that I will learn so much with her and I know she will help the Sisters here that we look after. I know that this transfer will be amazing! This transfer is also the last transfer of President Fusco. The new President, Presidente Leite, will arrive next month. 

This week was a great week but crazy! It started out with a awesome family night! We ate Churrasco (real meat!) and played many games with almost the whole ward. This week was crazy because we had many things happening. We had 2 exchanges with the Sisters, many meetings with people in our ward, service projects, ward activity, and our last interviews with President Fusco. I felt like we didn't have any time to work this past week.

This past week we had an amazing ward activity that we planned. We decided to base it on the plan of Salvation. The people started in a room in the big counsel, as if it was our life before here on earth. Then they had the opportunity to do things on earth. There were many activities to do while on the earth such as basketball, soccer, jump rope, etc. While they were playing these games they had money that they had to trade to play and if they won they gained more money. While this was happening there were people who were looking for service.. a beggar, a woman working and others. If the people stopped and helped out they received something else. After this they passed the other stages of there life such as death, resurrection and then judgement where they had to give the money that they received. The people that showed that they served were welcomed in the Celestial Kingdom while the others went to Terrestrial and Telestial. It was a wonderful activity for them! They understood that here on the earth we need to focus on serving others and being an example of Christ. 
These are the people in my ward.  They are all amazing!

This week I gained a huge testimony of the fast and priesthood blessings.
I started to get sick on Friday and by Sunday I had a huge cold. My nose was running, my throat was very dry and I had a huge headache. I was fasting during this time and so I didn't want to take medicine because I would drink water. I kept fasting and after church it was time to end my fast. I ended my fast and I asked the elders to give me a blessing. After the blessing we went to work. As I worked I saw that I was feeling good enough to work, but not 100%. At night I went to bed still with all the symptoms, but when I woke up in the morning I realized that something was different. I had felt very tired these past 3 weeks and I wasn't sleeping very well, but when I woke up I had a lot of energy and I didn't feel sick at all. I know that God really does help us. I know that he gives us the strength to continue, even when we feel like we can't go another step. I know that the Priesthood is here on the earth and I'm so grateful for it.

I am excited to see what will happen this next week.

I love you all and can't wait to talk to you on Sunday!!!


Sister Unbedacht 

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